Christ Lutheran Church

Celebrate Jesus with us!


Caring, Sharing, Daring:
Christ Lutheran Church

Are you searching for a spiritual home?
A place where you can learn, grow, and serve?
Please, join us at Christ.

Christ: Caring for people, Sharing Jesus Christ in love, Daring to Grow beyond the ordinary.

Men and women, young and old, from many nations.
Occasionally purple hair.
We sing in English and in other languages as well. Christ Lutheran Church is a congregation which enjoys the great creativity God has infused into many of the world's cultures. We look for people from all over the world to bring to Jesus,
just as heaven will contain.

We cherish the ancient ways to the church and are excited when we find new means to proclaim Holy truth. We are very old, and very new.

We believe God is calling us to spread the
Good News of God's love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ,
to deepen our understanding and walk with God, and as that grows, the natural result is to feed the hungry, lift up the orphan and widow, and serve those who come to Lansing for refuge.

We welcome your company on the journey.



CLC Updates

Worship Times
Saturday Worship
Saturdays 5:30pm (Traditional Liturgy)

Sunday Worship
8:30am (Traditional Liturgy)
11:00am (Blended Liturgy)
7:00pm (Arabic Liturgy)

For more information please see the
Worship Page.

Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church
122 South Pennsylvania Avenue
Lansing, Michigan 48912